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ALL AGES: When you see the "+" following an age, it truly means that—with an open mind, and a playful heart—there is something of value for a much broader age range.

FAMILY: Games, puzzles and activities are fantastic activities for families to bond and form lasting memories. Items in this category encourage connection.

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Nothing makes us sadder than adults who have forgotten how to play—you are never too old for toys!

We have a range of cool toys for big kids. You are sure to find the perfect thing for desktop, social, and brain-training enjoyment.

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Age infographic: Adult 10 to 120 years

Age infographic: Teens 13 to 19 years


Although a gift card and electronics will make most teenagers happy, you will be pleasantly surprised that there are many engaging gifts you can buy that will keep them interested and happy. Brain teasers, puzzles, games, art and music activities, decor, and desktop toys are all prime areas to look for a good match.

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By the time they are tweens, it can become challenging to find a toy or game you know they will like.

Although boys and girls might have vastly different interests, this age group is really primed for the development of self-expression.

As much as we resist gender stereotyping, many of our young partons (for whatever reason) seem to follow these general patterns: Tween girls will often enjoy arts-and-crafts kits to make jewelry. Boys may be into collectible toys they can use to compete in games with friends. 

Popular toys with this age group are also STEAM toys that get them thinking about science, technology, engineering and math.

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Age infographic: Tweens 9 to 12 years

Age infographic: Kids 4 to 9 years


PRESCHOOL AGE (4 to 5): They are learning educational skills they will need for school that encourage them to play games with friends, use their imagination for pretend play with little characters, and develop skills to learn how to recognize different colors and letters. Preschoolers also love to role play in their play tents and playhouses.

SCHOOL-AGED CHILDREN (6 to 9): After kids get home from school at the end of the day, this age group is looking for pure fun and excitement. They love movies and all of the dress-up, role play and construction toys associated with them. They don't just love to collect toys, they are obsessed with collecting toys.

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Toddlers are on the go and toys geared for this age group focus on motivating them to begin to communicate with words as well as to begin to engage in interactive, storytelling, and pretend play. 

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Age infographic: Toddlers 12 months to 3 years

Age infographic: Infants 1 to 12 months


Time for encouraging discovery as babies start to explore their environment.

THREE MONTHS: Babies are much more aware and curious of about their surroundings. Toys feature patterns, shapes, textures and sounds. Babies love to explore the environment visually as well as through touch, smell and hearing. They are attracted to brightly colored objects—toys they can grab and put in their mouth, with different textures and sounds. 

SIX MONTHS: Time for exploring and developing as babies become more adventurous. From 6m+ they are becoming more mobile. Many babies can now maintain a sitting position, so exploring through touch and doing things with their hands becomes a favorite activity. These toys encourage dropping, rolling, shaking, pushing and pulling.

NINE MONTHS: Time for developing new skills as babies become even more mobile. Many babies are sitting and crawling by 9 months – and love to practice any new skills. This age group responds to toys that encourage practicing fine and gross motor skills. There is increased interest in toys that require larger actions, imagination and cognitive processes. Most babies are increasing their coordination and developing new skills.

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Time for Stimulating Baby’s Senses as babies awaken to the world. They are so tiny and delicate, but you would be amazed to know how advanced their senses already are. The senses of sounds and smell are almost fully developed at birth.

Toys for this age group focus on stimulating these senses. They feature toys that may have sounds and music, patterns and contrasting bright colors.

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Age infographic: Newborns 0 to 3 months