All Natural Spa Day

Enjoy a Complete Spa Experience at Home!

From invitations to party gifts, this luxurious spa day in a box includes everything you need to host a spa-tacular bash for four! In addition to bath bomb molds, lip balm pods, shimmer powder, and fizz packets, this kit includes a selection of cute ribbons, headbands, stickers, and pillow boxes so you and your friends can pamper yourselves in style.

You're Invited!

Invite your three best pals over for a spa day with the stylish included invitations! You can rely on the party-planning guide to be your own personal event-planning expert. Use it to create a shopping list, plan activities, and discover tips for creating atmosphere and conversation; then get busy relaxing.

STEAM Focus: Science

Explore the science of beauty-naturally! This beauty-based chemistry kit includes all the molds and powders necessary to make fizzy bath bombs and shimmery lip balms. Young scientists will learn lip balm and bath bomb science as they mix, measure, and pour the ingredients.

AGE: 7+