Amazonie 3D Poster Paper Creation Activity

Create the most beautiful bird in the jungle!

Fold and glue the decorative paper pieces to create a 3D Amazoni bird. 


• Create the majestic and intricate 3D Amazoni bird, the most beautiful bird in the jungle; includes the bird silhouette silhouette poster, 7 sheets of paper details, 1 sheet of glue stickers and an illustrated instruction booklet; the finished project is almost 22x21 inches and looks great hanging on a bedroom wall.
• Helps develop linear and process thinking, 3 dimensional visual reasoning, cognitive development and manual dexterity.

Contents: 1 thick card base (21.6" x 20.8") with notches, 7 sheets of printed pre-cut, easy-use shapes, 1 sheet of double-sided stickers, 1 colour step-by-step instructions booklet.

Measurements: 21.6" x 20.8"

AGE: 8-14