Candycar - B.Nana (magnetic hitch)

Our most "apeeling" Candycar yet, meet B.Nana!

This cute banana colored candycar will have you craving some banana bread, a banana split maybe even banana pudding? The magnet pairs this car with any candycar camper.

America's first wooden die-cast—classic heirloom design, that does not duplicate toy cars, but instead captures their essence. Durable and made for play. While non-toxic, it is not okay to let little ones chew, lick, gnaw or otherwise try to consume the toys. Please keep them out of their mouths at all times.

Eco-Friendly — these products that are made from stuff that grows, matures, spends some time as a toy, and returns back to mother Earth, without sickening anyone during its life cycle. Wood, soy inks, water-based paints, degradable rubber, and metal parts are all part of their old school way of making toys, with a modern design twist.

These toys are made from beech from well-managed forests in North America.
Dimensions: 3.5" L x 1.6" W x 1.6" H

AGE: 3+

B.Nana_Cruiser.mp4 from Candylab Media on Vimeo.