Baby Drum


Your toddler will most likely try and play with this in more ways than one, so we created one drum that can do it all. When stood, the drum can be beaten, with each colored circle emitting a different sound and triggering a colored light. When rolled, the drum emits dazzling lights and music

This Baby Drum is the perfect toy for developing your little one's love for musical beats. Watch as they experience the wonder of musical sounds and the joy of rhythm from a very early age.

Encourage your child to crawl and roll the Baby Drum to hear the sweet music and see its colorful lights flash or stand the drum up and tap the colored circles to make funky beats and music! When put down and rolled, the Baby Drum emits a funky drum melody and begins a dazzling light show automatically.

The melody differs when it is put down and will stop automatically when still. When stood, the Baby Drum can be beaten like a drum, with each colored circle emitting a different drum sound and triggering a different colored light when tapped.

Encourages Children to Explore Music & Rhythm

The drum has been designed to encourage movement from your child in order for it to produce a sound. This will greatly improve your child’s understanding of the cause and effect relationships that exist.

Enhances Motor Skills

As your toddler learns their way around the baby drums they will start improving their motor skills, dexterity and their self-confidence.

Hape Baby Drum Finishes & Materials

The drum set is suitable for children aged six months and older. The product is durable and child safe, it contains water-based paint and has non-toxic finishes.

BATTERY OPERATED: three AA batteries (not included), automatic power saving mode—turns on after two minutes of inactivity.

AGE: 6+ mos. - 5 yrs.