Batasaurus Playing Card Game

A Dino battle-style memory game!

In this game instead of keeping cards in their hand, players must place them face-down on the table. They have a few seconds to memorise where they are, and then the dino battle begins! On the count of 3, each player turns over a card - the strongest card wins the round. Players can choose which card to use, but they'll need to remember where each dinosaur is! The player with the most cards wins the game!


• 12 dinosaur cards to memorise, with numbered strengths from 1 to 12.
• An all-new battle game where memory skills are a must.
• Illustrations to learn about different dinosaur species.
• Compact, easily portable box.
• Durable, high-quality cards.

Contents: 48 cards (4 sets of 12 dinosaur cards). Game rules in 10 languages.

AGE: 5-99
GAME LENGTH: 10 minutes