Best Chess Set Ever

The timeless test of intellect and wit

• Cultivate a universal language
• Stretch your cognitive flexibility
• Formulate master plans
• Evade common pitfalls
• Achieve technical mastery
• Experience copious amounts of fun.

This set features tournament grade components, perfect for beginners and tournament players alike and an illustrated chess strategy guide to help you become a strategic sorcerer.

The triple-weighted Staunton chess pieces are extremely durable and pleasant to handle at 2.2 lbs with cloth felt bottoms, bonus Queens (4 total!) and 3.75” King height.

The tournament-size silicone board (20”x20”) is far superior to clunky wood or lighter vinyl chess boards. This board is 2-sided — green for official chess tournament play and black for a contemporary chess aesthetic.

Includes fun googly eyes to dress up your chess pieces and a plush velvet bag for storage and protection.

AGE: 3+