Brain & Fireball - 2 Legendary Spinners - 2 Piece Gift Pack

The Yo-Yo for the more advanced player.

This gift set includes the original Yomega Brain and Fireball yo-yo's. The brain is great for beginners and the fireball is more for intermediate and advanced players. 


  • The original brain - the longest spinning auto return yo-yo - opens on the down swing for long Spins. As the spin time slows, The clutch engages And the yoyo comes back automatically
  • The fireball is a high performance professional yo-yo for intermediate and advanced Play. The responsive play is the best choice for the Intermediate player who wants to perfect their string tricks and also for the advanced player looking to work on perfecting their looping skills.
  • String tricks: Every kid, or kid at heart, can “Walk the Dog” or going 'Around the World' and feel the satisfaction that comes with mastering all the classic tricks.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD. Not suitable for children under 3 due to small parts and long cord that may present choking and strangulation hazard.

AGE: 8 and up