Crazy Aarons Treasure Surprise - 2" Tin

One color is more brilliant and captivating than the next!

Which of the 12 Treasure Surprises will you discover? From sparkly emerald and magical sapphire to rare putties like Pirate’s Gold with 24K gold treasure from a real sunken pirate ship and Lost Diamond – with actual diamond dust. What Treasure will you unearth?

Find and collect the 12 different putties, including the legendary Pirate’s Gold, which includes a sprinkling of genuine 24K gold, and Lost Diamond, which contains actual diamond dust!

One random surprise putty supplied. Each Thinking Putty treasure tin comes with a unique peel & reveal label. Keep the fun in each tin a surprise.

LEGENDARY (rarest)

Pirate’s Gold – Discover 24K gold treasure from a real sunken pirate ship.

Lost Diamond – Shine with actual diamond dust. It’s just waiting to be unearthed!


Black Pearl – Uncover the rare Black Pearl, and you’ll own something truly unique.

Tiger Eye – The ultimate power stone. Tiger Eye holds the key to unlocking your strengths and abilities.


Crystal Skull – Can you solve the mystery of the Crystal Skull? Unveil this mythical Aztec relic and find out!

Ghost Ship – Like phantom vessels and legendary curses, Ghost Ship is spooky and mysterious.


Imperial Crown – It’s coronation day! Discover the majestic sparkle and rich radiance of this golden bounty.

Royal Sceptre – You rule! A court of jewel-toned sparkles adorns this regal silver Thinking Putty.


Persian Emerald – An exotic prize. Precious Persian Emerald has been the centrepiece of royal jewellery for centuries.

Burmese Ruby – Unwrap a mystical find. Burmese Ruby is a coveted gem known for its talismanic and supernatural powers.

Pure Platinum – A dazzling discovery. Make the metal of kings and queens yours with Pure Platinum.

Ceylon Sapphire – Unmask a bounty in blue. The finest in the world, magical Ceylon Sapphire will put you under its spell.

AGE: 3+ (Crazy Aaron's Putty provides scientific stress relief, for all ages.)

Putty Type: Soft texture

2 inch tin with 0.47 ounces insideMade in the USA of non-toxic silicone, never dries out & is easily removed from solid surfaces
Gluten free, latex free and amazing for special needs, gifts & much more!


Not suitable for children under 3 due to the nature of the product.

Thinking Putty will never dry out, has no odor and leaves no greasy feeling on your hands. It is non-toxic and EN71 compliant, but like all putties, it should be kept away from fibers. (Rubbing alcohol usually works well to clean up)

Thinking Putty is proudly Made in America by exceptional individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities. They work as a team to develop vocational skills and economic self-sufficiency.


For kids, putty has many different uses to help target many different behaviors!

  • When your child is getting frustrated with a task, you can encourage them to take a brain break, and work on the putty. This will help children get their mind off of whatever was previously frustrating them, and give them time to process through their emotions in a safe and productive way. 
  • If you child is struggling with fine motor tasks, such as buttoning their clothes or tying their shoes, hiding beads in putty and encouraging your children to find the "hidden treasure" is a great activity to encourage developing fine motor strength and coordination. 
  • Putty can also a great way to encourage children to use both of their hands, which works on Bilateral Coordination. Some ways to get your child to engage with the putty with both hands, is to encourage them so stretch the putty to make "snakes!" Once they stretch the putty, they can use both of their hands to roll the putty on the table into an even longer snake. Finally, when their snake is too long, have them gather up all of the putty and use both of their hands to reform the putty back into a ball.