Crazy Aaron's-Weird Science Bundle - Ages 8 to Adult


Thinking Putty®is a great way to keep everyone in the house calm, focused, and busy throughout the day. From boredom busters to learning aids, fidget tools to kits and games, we’ve bundled the best of what Crazy Aaron’s has to offer for all-in-one family fun.

**NOTE: SHIP TO ANYWHERE IN THE U.S.—this product ships direct from the manufacturer to anywhere in the U.S.—they promise immediate shipping! (free shipping)

FALLING WATER 4" LIQUID GLASS™ Thinking Putty: Go with the flow. A crystal-clear blue, this putty shimmers with iridescent edges to simulate moving water.  Fun for ages 3+

INVISIBLE INK 4" Ghostwriter Thinking PuttyOften used to encode top-secret information, invisible ink has a long and interesting history dating back to 4th century BC. There are all kinds of ways to make and read invisible ink (like heat and lemon juice), but our Invisible Ink Thinking Putty® uses ultraviolet light to mimic blue ink on a sheet of green paper. Write with the Glow Charger® and watch with wonder as your words evaporate into thin air.  Fun for ages 8+

STRANGE ATTRACTOR 4" Magnetic Storms Thinking Putty: Strange attractor is the name of a mathematical equation that is commonly part of chaos theory. This equation creates a fractal—a never ending, non-repeating pattern within a dynamic system. Basically, a strange attractor has a mind of its own and creates beautiful patterns in design, art, and nature. Strange Attractor Thinking Putty has a mind of its own as well. A deep, mysterious black with subtle green sparkles, it comes alive when charged with the included magnet. Fun for ages 8+

    ABOUT THINKING PUTTY: Thinking Putty will never dry out, has no odor and leaves no greasy feeling on your hands. It is non-toxic and EN71 compliant, but like all putties, it should be kept away from fibers. (Rubbing alcohol usually works well to clean up)

    Warning: Some of the putty in this bundle is not suitable for children under 8 due to the nature of the product—products noted accordingly.

    Thinking Putty is proudly Made in America by exceptional individuals challenged with intellectual and physical disabilities. They work as a team to develop vocational skills and economic self-sufficiency.