Discovery - Crystal Aquarium

Dive into the science behind crystals and how they grow!

Decorate and personalize the see-through aquarium with a fun graphic background and decals, then combine the crystal growing solution and crystal growing seeds. Watch as the crystals grow before your very eyes into exciting colorful formations! Soon your blue, pink, green and yellow crystal creations will be sparkling. Experience the fascinating science behind crystal formations to encourage observation and curiosity with this hands-on activity and fun-fact poster.

  • Grow color crystals: mix crystal growing solution and crystal growing seeds and watch colorful crystal formations grow before your eyes
  • Encourages observation and curiosity: your crystals can grow colorful up to 4 inches
  • Hands-on project: a fun, hands-on way to encourage children to explore science
  • Kit includes: aquarium, growing rocks, 2 bottles of crystal growing solution, 1 Background decal, 1 sticker sheet, fun-fact poster, easy-to-follow instructions

AGE: 12 and up