Eco-Friendly Bubbles - 2 Bottles with Refill

Reuse, Refill, Recycle & Share

Feel good about this family fun activity. Bubble Tree Original Refillable system is not just safe for the environment but safe for you too. Use the solution to refill any bubble toy. Get rid of one-time-use plastic bottles.

Assorted colors and styles, let us pick for you.


  • 2 pre-filled bottles made from 100% recyclable aluminum. These dishwasher-safe bottles can be refilled and reused
  • 1 liter of Eco-friendly non-toxic superior bubble solution. Enough for up to 8 additional 4 oz. refills 
  • Dispensing refill spout included on back to refill bottles 
  • Custom design wand affixed on all bottle caps 
  • Made from sustainable packaging that is 100% recyclable 
  • Includes area to store aluminum bottles 
  • Easy grab handle on back every of box


  • This product is non-toxic
  • This product is not a food item.  Do not drink
  • Non staining
  • If solution gets into eyes, rinse immediately with water
  • Adult assembly required
  • Safety tested meets CPSC safety requirements
  • This product is parabens free, phthalate free, sulfate free, DEA (diethanolamine free), formaldehyde donor free, and NPE (nonylphenol ethoxylate) free
  • All Ingredients are on the EPA Safer Chemical Ingredient List

Made in the USA

AGE: 3 and Up