Elodie White Unicorn - 11"

Life is better with a magical companion

This ultra-soft unicorn is the perfect creature for the job! Brimming with curiosity and a love for adventure, this enchanting Unicorn will lead the way to creative play! 

With a pure white coat of appealingly cuddly plush fur, Elodie practically melts into your hands whenever you pick her up for a hug. The mane and tail of our fantasy filly feature a longer length that will invite Elodie’s new caretaker to brush and groom her. Her hooves and spiraled horn shine with a shimmery, iridescent glow and will capture the imaginations of magic lovers everywhere. The same pale, golden shine can be seen in Elodie’s wide-eyed expression. 

Cleaning: Machne Washable

    AGE: 2 and Up