Escape Puzzle - Jungle Journey - 368 pieces

Can you solve the riddles, find the missing pieces, and mend the bridge before darkness descends?

Your amazing trip to the Amazon rainforest to visit your aunt, who studies exotic animal species, has hit a snag! After a long day discovering colorful parrots, curious monkeys, adorable sloths, and even a fierce jaguar, you head back to your aunt’s, only to find the footbridge is broken — it’s too dangerous to cross now. To reach her hut on the other side of the river, you must repair the bridge.

The  Escape Puzzle for KIDS mixes a richly-illustrated 368-piece jigsaw, an exciting storyline and 6 mathematical riddles hidden within the jigsaw image.

Once you've assembled the puzzle, you need to solve the riddles and “escape!"

Complete with instructions and a solution envelope. Comes with a unique QR code to help you solve the riddles. Tips are also available online.

Escape Rooms are a popular live-game trend where players are locked into a room and together have to solve the hidden puzzles. Building this puzzle and figuring out the riddles is a fun way to encourage critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

AGE: 9 and up