Fireball - Level 2 - Transaxle Yo-Yo

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The Fireball YoYo by Yomega is a high speed trick yoyo that delivers ultra-fast spin times

Designed with a low friction, plastic sleeve that fits over the steel axle, the Fireball revolutionized the sport of yo-yo when it was first released and has since become the gold standard for both beginner and intermediate level players looking for a great looping style yo-yo!

The Fireball

Ever since the Fireball came on the scene in the early '90's, play has advanced beyond what a traditional yoyo could ever allow. Its transaxle system enables long smooth spins, making the Fireball a perfect choice for the intermediate player. With practice and determination, players can advance their skills to perform a wide variety of tricks. Whether 'Walking the Dog' or going 'Around the World,' the Fireball will help kids of all ages to perform like pro's! It is also a great choice for the advanced player who wants to perfect looping skills. 

The First and Best Transaxle YoYo

The Yomega Fireball is no ordinary yoyo! With it’s patented transaxle system, the Fireball allows for spins that are over 3 times longer than an ordinary YoYo. The transaxle system uses a special axle sleeve to reduce friction and increase spin. With this system, players can progress to tricks once thought impossible.

Its fame and longtime popularity is because it delivers super long spins that make it easy for kids of all ages to perform the classic tricks. Manual (Responsive) Play—with a flick of the wrist, the Fireball spins or "sleeps" at the end of the string, allowing maximum time for the player to perform string tricks. The player is allowed complete control and determines when the trick is complete by calling the Fireball back to the hand with a final flick of wrist.

LEVEL 2 YOYOs: For intermediate players—the next step for those who have mastered the basics.

 AGE: 8+

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Type: Active & Sports