Four-Stage Rocket Ship

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IBlast off to another world with this four-stage rocket ship complete with planetary lander!

This Four Stage Rocket Ship Toy for toddlers is the ultimate space rocket toy to transfer your child into an imaginary deep space voyage.

This wooden toy has four stages of detailed and realistic designs based on actual space shuttles, including mission control, an onboard laboratory, living quarters, and an exercise room.

To top it off all these features are connected by a string pulled working elevator so astronauts can move between each stage depending on the task at hand.

Design and Materials

This toy rocket is made of quality wood construction and finished with non-toxic details.

The space shuttle toy for toddlers is highly durable that is sure to be in your family for years to come.

The twenty piece rocket playset consists of a radar, a space rover, a solar panel, a bio-experiment plane and other devices and accessories to add to the space adventure.

Skill Development

This multistage rocket ship toy inspires kids to imagine and grow, it helps develop storytelling and role play. They can play with a friend and come up with a spacefaring story as well as explain to each other what astronauts and aliens can do at various levels of the rocket ship.

The wooden spaceship toy also teaches motor skills as the toy is highly interactive and allows for parts to be attached and detached.

Award Winning Product

  • Gold and Consumer Choice of Best Baby and Toddler Gear Awards in 2018 and 2017.

AGE: 36 mos - 12 yrs

Collections: All

Type: Infant & Toddler