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The cutest kittens are here to help you! 

Your notebooks and sketchbooks will be a happy organized wonder, full of incredible colors and scents (and a lot of Cats too) with the Cats & Yummies Happy Pack! All is included in this wondrous pack.

Purr-fection comes to mind when you discover all the yummy you can have with the Cats & Yummies Happy Pack. With 12 bright colored and fruit scented Yummy Yummy Glitter Gel pens you can bring color and sparkle with you to every piece of paper, including black! And of course, you can never have enough cute when you go wild with the collection of chocolate scented Cat Café Scented Scratch Stickers too. Of course, Purr-fection means no mistakes so the yummy Macaron erasers will come in handy and so will the Color Cats Note Pals Sticky Tabs to mark your place. This pack of cool cats is a cool simple gift or party favor as well!

  • Cat Café Scented Stickers smell like chocolate when you scratch them
  • 12 Yummy Yummy Glitter Gel Pens with sparkly colors and fruity scents
  • Macarons Scented Erasers erase mistakes with a vanilla scent
  • Color Cats Note Pals Sticky Tabs help keep all your work organized
  • all styles may not be available as pictured, a comparable substitution may be made

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Type: The Arts