Jumbo Soft Triple Panda Squishy - Slow

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Slow-rise, soft, 4”x4”x2.5”



What is a Squishy?

As the name suggests, their most important quality is their immensely satisfying texture. Squeezing a squishy is like crushing a loaf of Wonder Bread between your fingers, only to watch it magically re-inflate back to its original form.

A Squishy is a toy that can help relieve stress and anxiety in children and adults. They are also known as "kawaii squishes" (kawaii means cute in Japanese). Squishies are made from a rubberized foam that is easily squished down and then slowly regains its original shape. The Squishies are sometimes infused with scents that can increase the relaxation effect.

Squishies are extremely popular with kids, who tend to enjoy collecting them as much as they enjoy squeezing them. Like fidget spinners, squishies can help some children to focus better in class, since having something to do with their hands can curb other fidgeting behaviors.

However, these toys are also becoming increasingly popular with adults who appreciate their stress-relieving qualities (though that's not to say some adults don't enjoy collecting them, too). 

It has been suggested that in our increasingly technology-driven world, where human contact is decreasing, these type of tactile toys help to provide a comforting touch. Squeezing them and watching them expand back to their original shape provides the user with a feeling of calm. Doing this repeatedly and visualizing your stress going away has been considered a form of meditation.

What is Slow-Rise?

This means they take longer to return to their original form after being squished, which is seen as a desirable trait by many squishy enthusiasts.

Selecting a Size:

You can find squishies in lots of different sizes. The tiniest squishes are often less than half an inch long. On the other end of the spectrum, jumbo squishies can be as large as 12 inches long.

  • Small squishies¬†are pocket-size and therefore great for carrying around with you. They're also ideal for anyone who wants to start a large collection of different kinds of squishies but is short on space to store or display them.
  • Medium squishies¬†tend to be just the right size for squeezing in the hand.
  • Giant squishies¬†are perfect for hugging or displaying on a desk or bedside table.

Care & Safety: 

  • Squishies are relatively fragile. Direct sunlight in particular can cause them to lose their scent and color. Sunlight can also make them fall apart over time, so keep them away from direct sunlight if you want them to last for a long time.
  • Squishies are recyclable, non-toxic, non-PVC, Lead-Free, no phthalate, no paint, no latex, no pollution, recyclable packaging, made¬†in a clean environment.
  • Squishies are NOT FOR CONSUMPTION.
  • Squishies are primarily made of polyurethane foam, may contain scented materials, and are not for consumption.
  • Please note that some squishy items do have a slight smell from the paint applied. This smell should dissipate after a few days.
  • Squishies may have defects or become defective after squishing them. Some may have air bubbles, small marks or inconsistent paint design. These are not defects, but part an inherent part of the product.


Recommended for ages 8 yrs. to adult.

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Type: Novelty