Kinoptik - Kinoptik Robots - 60 piece

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Game of Animation and Imagination

Create crazy robots by arranging and connecting the pieces on the magnetic background in 1001 different ways. Use the striped sheet over your arrangement to discover magical and surprising movements—a whole universe comes to life!

Kinoptic is a creative magnetic construction and design toy with the surprising addition of animation magic. Themed magnetic pieces and a 10 x 10-inch game board encourage you to place the pieces on the board and create unique designs by letting your imagination and inner designer run wild.

Once finished slide the special 5 x 5 lens over the board and be amazed at the miraculous movement you see in your creation. Everything comes to life before your eyes. It’s all reusable for hours and hours of imaginative, artistic fun. 

Michaël Leblond is a graphic designer and author of children’s books. In 2007, while in a Japanese museum, he discovered the work of American artist Rufus Butler Seder. Seder had resurrected ombro-cinema (an animation process whose origin dates back to the end of the 19th century). Fascinated by ombro-cinema, Michael tried to unlock its secret and make his own animated images. He lead ombro-cinema workshops for children and developed animated spare parts that the children assembled using glue and scissors to build characters, vehicles, machines... thus the beginning of Kinoptik.





INCLUDED: 1 board, 2 plastic sheets, 60 magnetic pcs, instructions

AGE: 5 and up

Collections: All

Type: Building & Construction