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100% Official LEGO Guide to Stop‑Motion Animation

Lights . . . camera . . . action!

Bring your LEGO minifigures to life with this beginner-friendly guide to stop-motion animation. Ten 'Mini Movies' walk you through using your phone, tablet, or computer to make short, funny clips with step-by-step instructions.

Set the stage with any of the six included background settings and thirty-six LEGO elements including a pizza, banana, baseball cap, six minifigure heads, and more! Plus, learn the tricks of the trade as you dive into more advanced skills, such as lighting, sound effects, and camera angles.

**WINNER: TOTY Best Toy For Kids

Crystal Clear Instructions

Stop-motion animation is awesome...and easier than ever!

With the included 78-page book of instructions and ideas, you will learn how to make 10 step-by-step mini movies with LEGO bricks and minifigures.

In addition to making your characters and props move, you will also learn how to write a script, plan a set design, create a storyboard, include sound effects, and so much more!

What You Can Make

Learn how to make mini stop-motion animation movies.

Get started by making the 10 movies included in the book:
1. Bricks in the Wild.
2. Time-Lapse Build.
3. Walk Cycle.
4. Minifigure vs. Banana.
5. Dance It Out!
6. The Magic Closet.
7. My Life in Bricks.
8. It's a Bird! It's a Plane!
9. Epic Chase Scene.
10. Boomerang Banana

What You Get

- 78 page book of ideas and inspiration.
- 36 Official LEGO minifigures and props.
- Foldout paper backgrounds.
- Punch-out animation frames.

AGE: 8-15


Category: Activities, Adolescents, Animation, Art, Award, Kids, LEGO, Tweens

Type: Activity Kit