Long Cow

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An Udderly Ridiculous Card Game

It's the moo-mentous card game of competitive cattle construction! Build cows by collecting heads, tails, and middles from the deck. The longer the cow, the more points you score. Bolster your barn with holy cows, robot cows, and even a cross-bred Franken-cow. But make hay before your herd is hit by a tornado, or worse- an alien abduction! Round up the biggest bovines and party like the cows came home!

  • Reinforces strategic thinking
  • Encourages spatial relations

    INCLUDES: 55 bread shaped cards, collectable tin; High gloss graphics

    Made in the USA

    PLAYERS: 2 - 5
    PLAYING TIME: 20 minutes
    AGE: 8 to Adult

    Collections: All

    Type: Games