Magic Egg | Opalite


When the last water dragon was driven away by ungrateful humans, she understood the importance of the human dragon bond to the well being of the earth.

Her final act of generosity was to leave behind one million of her eggs. These eggs were imbued with magic powers: just holding one would help to calm a nervous soul, but in water they have the power to make the owner strong and chase off bad thoughts and bad dreams. 

One day an egg will find its way to the next dragon rider. When an owner is brave, deseving, and cares properly for the egg; the egg will bear the first of the next generation of dragons who will help to create peace and good will among all living beings on the planet.


These light bending ovoid rocks have a soft, cool tone, but they change colors and translucence with dierent light sources. When held in the palm of your hand, they change from opal to blue. When held up to light, the rock gives an iridescent warm color.

They are especially beautiful in fountains, shimmering as the water trickles over them. Some people believe they can absorb negative energy and make living environments more positive.

They are made of the same type of glass that is sometimes called opalite. The small imperfections (such as bubbles or nicks) were created during the manufacturing process.

SIZE: 2"

AGE: 5+