Magnetic Travel Chess Set - 14-inches

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Perfect for new chess students or for those who want a very nice playable chess set for traveling

This large Magnetic Travel Chess Set comes with a hinged, snap-closed plastic box that opens up to a 14 by 14 inch chess board and snaps closed tight to store all the chess and checker pieces for travel or storage.

The board has 1 5/8 inch squares that are a perfect fit for the chess pieces, which are much more detailed than you would expect. The king is 3 1/4 inches tall and the checkers are 1 1/4 inches across. All of the chess pieces have magnetic bases keep them firmly planted on the chess board, no matter where you travel. (NOTE: due to the small flat shape, the checker pieces are not magnetic)

It also makes a great (but inexpensive) gift or tournament prize. The chess board features algebraic notation on all sides and is made of durable plastic.

  • 14 by 14 inches square when opened
  •  7 by 14 by 1 ¾ inches when closed
  • Magnetic chess pieces
  • 3 1/4" tall King
  • Set of non-magnetic checkers included

    About Chess:

    Chess can be enjoyed by any age— Children can learn chess very early, some even as early as two years old! The key is to teach them in a child-oriented way, instead of relying on standard methods for adult learners or for school children. For adults, these brain exercises can be part of the health of your brain for your entire life! It is a connector—bringing together people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds.

    Chess is over 1500 years old—one of the oldest games in the world! In every game, you are required to problem solve and face challenges—it can help you learn to take your time, think ahead, and weigh the outcome of your options. It teaches us to remain calm and make good decisions under pressure; and also about choices, consequences, and focus. The process of learning to win develops confidence, personal style, and can also develop character by teaching us how to lose and overcome failure. 

    An active brain is a healthy brain. Chess will challenge your brain to exercise logic, develop pattern-recognition, make both visual and analytical decisions, and test your memory.

    AGE: 2 to Adult

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    Type: Games