Maker Lab - Circuit Games

Build and play 5 games!

Spark your interest in circuitry! Get ready to be amazed with this electrifying combination of five circuit games to build from scratch. Use actual electronic components to construct a DIY operation game, compete with friends in a Space Loop race, assemble a quiz show board, and more. A step-by-step book of instructions teaches you how to be a maker by adding wires, LEDs, and buzzers for super-charged fun.

Guaranteed Success

By combining the magic of electricity with the fun of games, you will be entertained long after you finish making the crazy creations..

Compete with friends to show off your morse code and new science knowledge. These circuits will add a new spark of excitement to your playtime!

Crystal Clear Instructions

With 36 pages of step-by-step instructions and detailed, brightly-colored images, you'll build 5 battery-powered games that will show how electricity flow through circuits.


Build and Play 5 Games:

- Feed The Shark
- Quiz Show Game
- Morse Code Game
- Space Loop Game
- Operate On Buzzbot

Attach batteries to the supplied LEDs and wires to watch your creations light up. Think you have a steady hand? Try navigating the space loop to avoid the buzzer sound!

  • Super-clear Instructions
  • Open-ended Creativity
  • Hands-on Learning
  • Skills to Build On
  • Everything You Need

Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)

AGE: 7 to adult