Maverick - Level 3 - Aluminum Yo-Yo

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A Professional High-performance Yo-yo

It is a wing shaped yo yo made from anodized aircraft grade aluminum. The design features a weighted perimeter, and a standardized C size ball bearing with internal silicone response pads. This yoyo provides the player a high-end experience.

Perfect for Advanced String Tricks

The Yomega Maverick features a wing shaped body design and high-grade steel C size ball bearing. Designed for high speed spins, the Maverick is the perfect choice for learning how to master advanced string tricks. Whether you are trying to master Double or Nothing, Atom Smasher or any other trick, this is the yo-yo for you. The Maverick's aluminum alloy body, weighted perimeter and smooth return system make this the best choice for yo-yo players looking to take their skills to the next level.

Maverick Anatomy

The Yomega Maverick is made from air craft aluminum with a wing shaped design and an anodized finish. The C size roller bearing, and silicone response pads combine to deliver super long spins and a responsive return.

The Maverick weighs 60 g, has a 52.3 mm diameter and a 3.5 mm gap width.

LEVEL 3 YOYOs: Master more complex string tricks that require maximum spin times. With innovative technology, these yo-yos provide the perfect combination of balance, responsiveness and speed.

AGE: 8+

Collections: All

Type: Active & Sports