MOZABRICK Small Photo Construction Set - Small

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Recreate your favorite photos in black and white pixilated glory!

  1. Buy a Construction Set
  2. Visit the manufacturer's website, upload and customize your image
  3. Receive an assembly diagram delivered to your email address
  4. Start building!

It is fun for the whole family or with friends!

When you are ready for a new image and a new challenge, just upload a new image, receive a new assembly diagram, disassemble your mosaic art and create a new one using the same bricks and the new diagram. Create new images as often as you like, just upload a new image and have a new assembly diagram sent to your inbox.

    This set includes:

    • 5800 bricks in 5 monochrome colors
    • 4 base plates to assemble the pixel art
    • 9 baseplate connectors
    • 1 mounting tool
    • 1 mount for the finished picture
    • Instruction brochure
    • CODE for unlimited mosaic picture generation
    • The finished picture size is 20x20 in

    The code can be linked to up to 5 email addresses and can be used unlimited times to regenerate your pixel art – regardless if you are using a new or already used picture.


    Visit the manufacturer's website and click the ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTION button. Enter the 6-digit assembly code found on the first page of the manual that comes with the kit. Select your construction set model. Press the UPLOAD button, then select and customize your photo. Avoid a low-contrast background. Select the image's desired area, zooming in or out by dragging the image corners or using control buttons.

    Select the assembly diagram you like. Enter your email address and instantly receive the assembly diagram with instructions in your inbox. Check your spam folder if the email is not received.


    Open the pdf attachment from Mozabrick's email and print the instructions. Or use the link from the email to display instructions on your phone. The instructions can be viewed on multiple phones simultaneously. If using the link, your progress will be saved automatically. To track the progress, simply double click the cell where you stopped. The assembled bricks will be highlighted.

    The construction bricks come in 5 monochrome colors - white, light gray, gray, dark gray, and black. Each color has a unique tag. All brick packages are labeled with their appropriate tags. Numbers in the assembly diagram indicate how many same-color bricks should be positioned consecutively in one row. When finished assembling, put the base plates onto a flat surface facing down, and fix the edges with base plate connectors.

    Assembly Time: approximately 12 hours (varies depending on image complexity) 

    AGE: 14 and up


    Collections: All

    Type: The Arts