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Muybridge Cat Flipbook

Develops Cognitive Skills
Muybridge Cat Flipbook
Develops Emotional Skills
Muybridge Cat Flipbook
Develops Physical Skills
Muybridge Cat Flipbook
Develops Social Skills
Muybridge Cat Flipbook
STEAM - Arts & Humanities
Muybridge Cat Flipbook

A classic piece of photography history!

This flipbook of Eadweard Muybridge's Cat Running is rather amazing. As you view the images you might be reminded of your cat, but the photos were shot over 120 years ago! All you have to do is flip the pages.

Discover the magic of flipbooks! Each page features a still image – a snapshot frozen in time. But when you flip through them rapidly, something incredible happens. Your eyes blend these images seamlessly, creating the illusion of fluid motion. It's the same phenomenon behind your favorite movies and videos! Just like a flipbook, they trick your brain into perceiving movement by displaying still images in quick succession. The secret lies in the persistence of vision – your eye's ability to merge rapid images into a cohesive stream. So, whether you're watching a blockbuster film or flipping through a playful flipbook, it's all about the art of creating motion from stillness. And with a flipbook, you hold the power to control the action right in your hands!

Fun for all ages, flipbooks offer several developmental benefits for kids:

    1. Fine Motor Skills: Flipping through the pages of a flip book requires the use of fingers and hand-eye coordination, which helps in the development of fine motor skills.

    2. Attention Span: Engaging with a flip book encourages children to focus and concentrate on the sequential images, helping to improve attention span and concentration.

    3. Creativity and Imagination: Creating or interacting with flip books encourages creativity and imagination as children can draw their pictures or imagine stories to accompany the images.

    4. Storytelling Skills: Using flipbooks can enhance storytelling skills as children narrate the story depicted in the images, helping to improve language development and communication skills.

    5. Understanding of Cause and Effect: Observing how the images change as they flip through the pages helps children understand the concept of cause and effect.

    6. Sequencing Skills: Flipping through a flip book in the correct order helps children develop sequencing skills, which are important for understanding patterns and organizing information.

    Overall, flipbooks provide a fun and interactive way to develop various skills while enjoying imaginative storytelling and creative expression.

Full color flipbook, glossy, 2" X 4"

AGE: 3 and up