My Middle-Aged Baby Book | written by Mary-Lou Weisman

An irrepressibly cheeky celebration of middle age in the form of a fill-in baby book

All of these memorable firsts belong in this padded and chewable keepsake with room to write in significant firsts.

A perfect gift for a milestone birthday, when you’re old enough not to take yourself too seriously —and the perfect gift for both women (“Is it hot in here, or is it just me?”) and men (remember, it’s prostate not prostrate).

A place to record middle-age firsts: First lost tooth. First colonoscopy. First second mortgage. First chin hair. First comb-over. First reading glasses. Vital statistics: including married name(s), circumference of abdomen, cholesterol count (bad HDLs, good HDLs). Primary caregivers: urologist, periodontist, colorist. It also explains the Seven Stages of Hair Loss, and answers the question, "Am I Smiling . . . or Is It Gas?"

Ans a plan for what happens when you finally "grow up" (Hint: go ahead, be a burden to your children)

The book is thoughtfully printed on anti-glare paper in large, easy-to-read type.

Format: Hardcover, 88 pages

AGE: Adults & Seniors