Pop & Go - Cream of the Crop + Coal Mate

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No Need For A Case!

Pinch to tuck the nipple away when you're on the go. Nipple locks firmly in the extended position (this is not designed to pop when it drops). The firm lock feature is recommended for babies that have developed motor skills—but can be used for younger babies, too. Won’t pop out of babe’s mouth. Firmer nipple, safe for teething babies.

The Pop & Go is engineered with a firmer bubble than "The Pop." It is designed to hold it’s position even when baby plays with it. This gives you and active baby better control. Whether it’s in your bag, your pocket or danglin g from a pacifier clip, with a quick pinch you can decide when to reduce unwanted surface contact, and when to make the nipple available for baby.

100% silicone. No lead, PVC, BPA, latex or phthalates. 

Firm nipple safe for teething babies.

AGE: 3+ months

Collections: All

Type: Infant & Toddler