OgoSport - Copter Darts

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This fun aim & toss toy is designed for either outdoor play or indoor play.

All the fun of traditional lawn darts, without any of the danger. Designed to fly with aero-spin action you will get lost in hours of play with these soft foam copter darts. Perfect for competitive games, the darts always land head down, for a land and stand effect. The ergonomic design makes gripping and tossing the darts easy and fun.
  • Darts fly with aero-spin action
  • Dart tip designed to Land & stand
  • Great group game for players of 2 or more
  • Removable wings for easy dis/re-assembly
  • Target polino ball
  • Includes instructions for 3 games or have fun creating your own

Includes: 4 Copter Darts with Target Ball and Dart HolsterWings are EVA foam and base is TPR (thermo plastic rubber). Warnings: Product rated for age 6+.

AGE: 6+

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Type: Active & Sports