Panther, by Jessi Preston - Tattoo - Set of 2

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Just imagine ...

... you're wandering the jungle, looking to discover the next exotic orchid species when you climb over a fallen banana tree to come face-to-face with a super scary key-key, the panther! Then you wake up and you're late for work.

Oh well.

Dreams can come true if you've always wanted to come face-to-face with a wild panther but by wild you mean a temp tattoo and by face-to-face you mean that you put said temp tattoo somewhere on your body.


At any rate, Jessi Preston nails (claws?) her interpretation of a black panther in that classic Americana style that she's really made her own.

Size: 3" x 4.5"

Applying this tattoo is SUPER EASY! 

We suggest placing on oil-free areas where skin does not stretch and keep them clean!

1. Skin should be clean, dry and free of makeup, sunscreen or lotions.
2. Remove clear top sheet.
3. Press tattoo, design facing down, onto skin.
4. Hold wet cloth against back of tattoo. Press down and make sure to wet it thoroughly.
5. Wait 30 seconds, then peel off paper backing.
6. Gently rinse image with water for best effect.

Safe and non-toxic, lasting on average 2-4 days. 

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