Go Pop Roundo! The Clever Popping Game - Blue

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Hours of fun with one round disk with no other pieces to loose!

Also just a great fidget toy—more satisfying than popping bubble wrap, when your finish one side, just flip it over and repeat on the other.

This is a great tool for building visual perception, fine Motor Skills, and logical thinking.

REMAKE OF THE CLASSIC LAST MOUSE LOST – Same classic game, now with a fresh new look and available in 3 vibrant colors! The object of the game is to be the player who, by thinking ahead, forces their opponent to press down the last bubble on the board.

  • EASY TO LEARN AND FAST TO PLAY – Recommended for players 5 years and up. On a player’s turn, they select a row and press down any number of bubbles. The opponent then presses down any unpressed bubbles in the desired row of their choice. The player that is left to press the last bubble on the board loses the round. Once a match is over, simply flip over the board to start another round. No setup time and no pieces to arrange or lose.

  • PLAY ANYTIME, ANYWHERE – Go PoP! has no loose or noise-making pieces, making it great for playing in a car, bus, or plane, in a restaurant or at school. It’s also water-resistant, so you can play while camping or at the beach!

  • HYGIENIC – This logic game is washable, you can use warm or hot water with soap and rinse it well.

  • INVENT YOUR OWN GAME – The game board is full of possibilities, so get your creative juices flowing and invent your own game rules. Don’t forget to share your new creations with us!

Made of BPA free silicone—soft, comfortable, washable, and durable. 

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD—small parts, not for children under 3

PLAYERS: 1 to 2

GAME PLAY: 10 minutes

AGE: 5 and up


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Type: Novelty