Push Along - Cockatoo

Are you ready to see a cockatoo fly?  

This beautiful bird with shimmering colors will amaze you as it struts along with baby, flapping its wings all the while. Your child will love growing alongside this wooden cockatoo, proudly showing its bright yellow chest as it helps baby learn to walk. The handle is height-adjustable as your child grows (from 28 to 46.5 cm high) and the silicone seals mean the wheels run in complete silence. FSC®-certified wood (from sustainably managed forests). Water-based paint. Did you know? Cockatoos can live for between 50 and 60 years. They make their yellow hupopes bristle during mating season, and stay with their mates for life. 

AGE: 18 months and up

One of the reasons Yellow Springs Toy Company likes this brand:

This company is supporting WWF's efforts to protect environment and biodiversity through a new line of toys made of more sustainable materials. Through this line, they aim to inspire and enable the younger generation to step up for wildlife and nature. Every year, Janod will donate a minimum guaranteed contribution of 50, 000€ to WWF tin support of their efforts through 2023.