Super 40 T Binoculars

Outdoor Exploration At Its Best!

Junior explorers can see and know where they're heading with these lightweight, binoculars with attached neck strap. Powerful 3x magnification translucent binoculars measure 5½” in length and come in a carry case with strap. Great for camping trips, nature walks, wilderness expeditions, and around-town explorations of all kinds.

BINOCULARS FOR KIDS: Observe and navigate the great outdoors with these lightweight, durable soft-grip binoculars

STEM LEARNING: Supports STEM learning by encouraging scientific exploration and discovery

PERFECT FOR OUTDOOR PLAY & AT HOME LEARNING: Get kids outside to explore the world and stay curious! We are dedicated in providing resources that keep your kids learning and having fun while at home

(Assorted colors)

AGE: 5+