Swallowtail Butterfly - Hand Puppet

Fall In Love With This Graceful Friend!

Cause a flutter with the beautiful puppet! With one finger inside the body you can dance on air with this colorful friend.

Special Features: Raise and lower hand with finger in body to simulate wing movement.

SIZE: 10"x2"x12" WINGSPAN

Care Recommendations: For long pile fluffy plush, we recommend a vigorous shake-out to freshen your puppet up if it gets flattened or crushed. For short pile plush, use a brush to fluff the fur. When brushing face, be careful to avoid scratching the eyes or pulling out the threads in ears, nose, or mouth areas. DO NOT PUT IN WASHER OR DRYER. This will destroy your puppet. These plush puppets are surface-washable only.

AGE: 3 to Adult