Teaching Monkey

“I can do the zip!”

Everyday tasks are fun to learn when you don’t need to get out the door pronto. Which makes this learn-to-dress monkey a great educational toys. Anyone is bound to love this soft and fluffy stuffed monkey with his trusting, smily face and bright plush clothes

Kids from the age of three learn to zip up his jacket, pull tight the drawstring hood, snap the pants button and tie the velcro shoe, or - gasp! - even the much dreaded shoe laces. Teaching Monkey is particularly suitable for kids teaching their own siblings.

He comes with tasteful, life-like features, high-quality materials and German engineered functionality.

The quality of these stuffed animals is outstanding—this is an heirloom quality toy. The manufacturer utilizes responsible, sustainable production methods.

Height: 16.9"

Material: Material: Cotton, polyester. Wadding: Polyester.

Care: Machine wash in cold cycle

Age: 3-12 Years