Teen Baking Bootcamp | by Matthew Merril

Turn your kitchen into a bakery!

Get ready to take your desserts to the next level with teenage baking superstar Matthew Merril. Learn all the proper techniques from a pro as Matthew shares his best baking recipes. He’ll help you avoid making all the common mistakes he made as a young baker, leading you down the path to self-taught baking.

Each recipe is rated on a difficulty scale so you can work your way through the book like a master baking class. Start off with Easy-Peasy Peanut Butter Cookies―a four-ingredient wonder that has reached more than 1.8 million views on Matthew’s TikTok. Then, learn how to make your own caramel from scratch to create a decadent Southern Caramel Cake, or how to use a water bath to make the perfect Very-Berry Strawberry Cheesecake. And when you’ve really built up your skills, you can master the art of the meringue with Matthew’s Food Network–Winning S’mores Macarons.

Jam-packed with 60 recipes and lots of baking secrets, you’ll have everything you need to become a teen baking prodigy!

Pages: 176
Size: 7.72" x 0.42" x 11.17"

AGE: Teens