The Jungle Book | Carly Madden | Illustrated by Cynthia Alonso

This unique retelling of The Jungle Book!

This book takes young readers on a tactile journey with playfully layered pages, engaging text and beautiful, colourful illustrations.

The Jungle Book combines a simple narrative with die-cut pages and high-contrast illustrations to create a captivating storytelling experience that encourages tactile interaction. Delight in the increasingly expansive spreads as the story grows and grows with each page!

Keep the magic of The Jungle Book alive for the next generation with this gorgeous interactive retelling.

The layer-by-layer interactive board books introduces the youngest children to classic stories through beautifully layered pages featuring bright, contemporary illustrations, die cuts and gentle text. The illustrations, and wonders, expand as each new layer is revealed.

Layer By Layer

Board Book 12 pages

AGE: 3 and up