Three-Player Wooden Chess Set

3 player chess is an excellent chess variant that's relatively simple to learn

3 player wooden chess set with a hexagonal board. This excellent chess variant has minimal extra rules to learn, but the hexagonal board certainly adds complexity and gets you thinking! 3 player chess is no gimmick; it's a really interesting version of chess that enables an extra player to play.

The 3 player chess boards are made from a stained hardwood and fold to form a practical storage container for the pieces. There are then two metal catches to keep the box closed. 

The wooden chess pieces are nicely crafted and stained in 3 colours; red, white and brown. The king is 8cm high and all pieces have felted bottoms. Game rules are also included.

(please note, sets vary slightly—some have a green felt interior, some have red)

AGE: 4 to Adult