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Tiny Baking!

Tiny Baking!
Develops Cognitive Skills
Tiny Baking!
STEAM - Science
Tiny Baking!

Tiny Food gets an "A" for adorable

Featuring tiny culinary tools and recipes to make itty-bitty creations, this diminutive science kit taps into two growing trends: child chefs and the fascination with miniature food. Kids will make petite versions of pies, layer cakes, grilled cheese sandwiches, lasagna, and pizza as they explore the science behind chemical reactions, nutrition, and states of matter in cooking and baking.

Your Authentic Tiny Kitchen Tools

Welcome to the itty bitty baking lab. Your Tiny Baking! set comes with teensy tools to bake miniature versions of your favorite recipes. You'll make minuscule muffins, pint-size pies, and much more. As you bake, you'll learn things like what turns gooey batter into melt-in-your-mouth cake. It's science--just deliciously tiny!


Tiny Baking! is a fun family activity in which everyone can play a role. Quick tips: Know Before You Bake:

  • Wash up: Hand wash your tiny cookware thoroughly before and after using.
  • Plan ahead: Many recipes call for softened butter. Set 1/2 stick of butter on the counter top until soft or have an adult heat in the microwave until soft about 10 seconds
  • Its Sticky: Keep a little flour handy to dust your work surface and coat your fingers
  • It's Dirty: Set a large bowl in the sink with warm soapy water. Wash your wee kitchen tools in the bowl-never in the dishwasher.
  • Eggs-Actly: A slippery eff is hard to divide for tiny measurements. Crack an egg and whisk it

Detailed Recipe Book

Before you begin each project, read the instructions all the way through. Make sure you have all the ingredient and equipment you will need.

The illustrated 47-page recipe books includes a list of all your tiny tools and the ingredients you will need in all the recipes. There are helpful hints along the way and 20 recipes for TINY Treats with BIG tastes an appeal.

We bet your mouth is watering already!

**AWARD WINNING:  Parents' Choice Award

AGE: 8 and up