Wonderwoods by Berman - Triangular - 1500 pieces

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The illustration shows a magical forest with animal and birds going about their daily life in the Wonderwoods

It is full of bright colors, distinctive shapes, and lots of repetitive patterns, such as leaves, trees, and tree trunks. The whimsical illustration conveys how joyful and magical it is for the animals to live together in the woods.

Woods and forest funny cartoon jigsaw puzzle featuring life in the woods 1500 piece puzzle including homes tree a river and animals. Animals include foxes birds rabbits bears squirrels and more. The triangular box series of jigsaw puzzles by Heye includes cartoon and finely detailed puzzles. This one is no exception. Happytown has 1500 pieces and artwork by Rita Berman. It features a fanciful and whimsical town and it is very brightly colored. 
Puzzle Information: 
  • Puzzle measures 60 x 80 centimeters
  • Made in Germany by Heye
  • Part of the Triangular box series of puzzles; each piece is unique and no puzzle dust
  • The finished puzzle measures 60 x 80 cm
  • Made in Germany 
AGE: 14 and up

Collections: All

Type: Puzzles