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Animal Upon Animal - Christmas Stacking Game

Develops Social Skills
Animal Upon Animal - Christmas Stacking Game

Be the first to place all of your pieces onto the growing Christmas pyramid

A fun holiday twist on the classic Animal Upon Animal.

How to Play the Basic Game:

Place the snowy mountain range in the center of the table. This is always the foundation for your Christmas pyramid. Each player now takes a tree, sled, star, and one of each animal, so that everyone has seven wooden figures in front of them. This is each player’s personal supply for the game. (If there are fewer than four players, return the extra pieces back to the box)

Players take turns in a clockwise direction, rolling the die and stacking their pieces. On your turn, roll the die and carry out the action it shows. Be careful not to knock any pieces over, or you will pay the penalty.

The game ends as soon as one player has placed their last figure successfully onto the pyramid. That player has won the game and earns the title of Most Festive Christmas Stacker.
There are additional rules available to challenge advanced stackers.

Game Contents: 1 snowy mountain range; 4 fir trees; 4 sleds; 4 reindeer; 4 penguins; 4 snow bunnies; 4 squirrels; 4 stars; 1 die; and 1 rulebook

Made in Germany

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.


GAME PLAY: 15 minutes
AGE: 4-104