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Candycar - New York Times Van

Sustainable & Eco-friendly
Candycar - New York Times Van
Develops Cognitive Skills
Candycar - New York Times Van
Develops Physical Skills
Candycar - New York Times Van
STEAM - Arts & Humanities
Candycar - New York Times Van

Limited quantities available!

Breaking news: A new Times truck is rumbling into Toy Town. Just the right size for young readers and grown-up collectors, the cute 3.5” van was inspired by The New York Times blue-and-white delivery vehicles that plied the tri-state roads more than 35 years ago. Made of solid wood,limited quantities available.

The van is a mighty mite with fast-rolling action, so young readers can race it along floors, tables, and walls as they make fresh-off-the-press deliveries. Less adventurous readers might opt to keep it off the imaginary highways and display it as a collectible and conversation piece. Material: solid beech wood, water-based paint, and clear urethane coat. While non-toxic, it is not okay to let little ones chew, lick, gnaw or otherwise try to consume the toys. Please keep them out of their mouths at all times.

Dimensions: 3.3" L x 2.6" H
AGE: 3 and up

Why Yellow Springs Toy Company Loves Candylab Toys:

Great design and Eco-Friendly — these products are made from stuff that grows, matures, spends some time as a toy, and returns back to Mother Earth, without sickening anyone during its life cycle. Wood, soy inks, water-based paints, degradable rubber, and metal parts are all part of their old-school way of making toys, with a modern design twist.

These toys are made from beech from well-managed forests in North America.