As the concertina is squeezed in and out, different notes and pitches play

The fabulous concertina will encourage an interest in music and is easy for little hands to grip. Accordion action controls the notes and pitches keep kids entertained for hours as they experiment with the different sounds they can make. This instrument introduces kids to building tune and rhythm awareness and stimulates children's perception in relation to melodies and sound pitches.

AGE: 19 months and up

Why Yellow Springs Toy Company loves this company:

Plan Toys is a socially and eco-conscious company with a focus on sustainable material, sustainable manufacturing, and excellent design and quality. With a strong mission to create a sustainable world, PlanToys intentionally considers every single step of production in order to minimize environmental impact.

By focusing on child safety, and age milestones during design and production, their wooden toys enhance both physical and cognitive development.

They never cut down a single tree for production. They were the first company to manufacture toys from reclaimed rubberwood— adding value to rubber trees that no longer produce latex, normally scheduled to be burned. They use leftover sawdust to create a new material called PlanWood

PlanToys received the FSC Chain of Custody Certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This certification is granted to companies that source wood from well-managed forests.