Deluxe Oversized Wolf Tail

This deluxe oversized wolf tail is what you would call a statement piece—fluffy, long, fearsome

This thing will easily put all other tails to shame, sparking inside them an envy they can't act on because of the dominance conveyed as it sways back and forth behind you. This thing isn't found at your local supermarket. It's not in a single page of one of your science texts. It's rarely glimpsed in even the minds of the most creative horror fanatics, we hear. But look there, it's right here. And it could very simply be yours.
    Items Included
    • Tail
    Product Specifications
    • Tail is made from polyester fibers
    • Tail is inflatable for a fuller look
    • Can be attached to a belt with the loop at the top that fastens with Hook and Loop fastener
    • Approximately 30" long
        One Size: Fits most