GloFx: Color Therapy Glasses

Five different color therapy glasses!

This set includes five white cardboard glasses in the colors green, blue, red, yellow, and rose pink. Experience self-confidence, cheerfulness, relaxation, creativity and balance when you wear these glasses and look cool doing it!

Color Therapy is the use of color in assisting the body in healing. It is believed that your body “feeds” on specific colors in the spectrum of lights, affecting your emotions. By using our high-quality Color Therapy Glasses, it is possible to balance your emotions. Wearing the glasses for only 10-30 minutes a day is reportedly enough to experience the beneficial positive vibrations provided by color.


  • Red: Feelings of vitality, power, self-confidence, and safety
  • Yellow: Feelings of cheerfulness, mental clarity, confidence, and creativity
  • Green: Feelings of peace, love, harmony, and relaxation
  • Blue: Feelings of improved communication and confidence in speaking
  • Pink:  Feelings of relaxation and reduced aggression

AGE: 8 and up