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Glow - Alphabet Letters

Develops Emotional Skills
Glow - Alphabet Letters
Supports Sensory Needs
Glow - Alphabet Letters

Build a magical world with these super-bright, one-of-a-kind glowing stickers!

The brightest glow-in-the-dark wall stickers. These glow-in-the-dark stickers are 70x brighter than other regular glow-in-the-dark stickers and glow up to 8 hours. They use the same technology and reflective material that is used in Japan for street signs. 

These stickers are re-attachable, removable, and reusable—they leave no sticky residue and great fun to play with. They have strong durability and are water-resistant so they can even be used outdoors or in the bathroom. Fully guaranteed to stay shining for life with no need for batteries or electricity. The most eco-friendly lighting solution for kids who wish to avoid darkness. 

Shine a light on the stickers or allow natural lighting to charge the glow. They absorb both natural light and ultraviolet rays. To charge, It takes approximately 10 minutes in sunlight or 30 minutes for indoor fluorescent lights. (If you use the ambient room light as a light source, the charge will be weaker if charge if the light is too weak or too far away)

Can be applied to any surface whether it’s flat, bumpy, paper, cloth, or wood. However, depending on the material, the wallpaper or paint may be affected when peeling off the sticker, so we recommend performing a sticking test on a small adhesive surface. When you remove the stickers from their surface, gently peel them to avoid any lasting effects.

  • Wall Décor
  • Bathroom and Tub Décor
  • Party Favors and Gifts
  • Laptop and Window Stickers

62 Pieces in package:

A x 3, B x 1, C x 1, D x 1, E x 3, F x 1, G x 1, H x 1, I x 3, J x 1 K x 1, L x 1, M x 1, N x 1, O x 3, P x 1, Q x 1, R x 1, S x 1, T x 1, U x 3, V x 1, W x 1, X x 1, Y x 1, Z x 1, a x 1, b x 1, c x 1, d x 1, e x 1, f x 1, g x 1, h x 1, i x 1, j x 1, k x 1, l x 1, l x 1, m x 1, n x 1, o x 1, p x 1, q x 1, r x 1, s x 1, t x 1, u x 1, v x 1, w x 1, x x 1, y x 1, z x 1

**cut the pieces of the background that are left, after you remove the stickers, into your own shapes and use them too!

WARNING! CHOKING HAZARD - Small Parts. Not for Children under 3

AGE: 3 and up