Knight's Hanging Tent

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What a cute tent for little boys and girls.

It can be set up indoors to transform your little one's room into a magical place. Use it for pretend play, where the fun and possibilities are only limited by your child's imagination!

Age: 3 +

  • Includes padded floor mat. (does not include extra small cushions shown in photo)
  •  Tent is secured from ceiling, hook not included.
  • Measures 83" high and the base is 53.5" in diameter.
  • All materials free from harmful chemicals such as fire retardants, water repellents, BPA, PVC and phthalates.

Safety instructions:

Intended use
This product is only intended for domestic use indoors!
This tent is not designed to be a camping or outdoor tent.
The tent is only intended for children aged 3 years and over.

The tent must only be assembled and dismantled by an adult.
Use the knot shown in instructions to hang the tent at the right height and to make it stable.

Fire hazard: Keep this product away from naked flames, hot air blowers and other sources of heat.

Cleaning: This product should be cleaned gently by hand.


• Remove the packaging.
Check the product for visible damage and make sure that all of the parts are there.
Make sure that there is no risk of damaging electricity, gas and water supply pipes or cables where the rope suspension is to be assembled.
The cover must be able to hold at least 5 times the weight of the product.
The rope suspension must only be attached to sufficiently solid materials, e.g. concrete.Only use permitted dowels or supports for the ceiling system. Please make sure that you always seek specialist advice if required!
For ceiling attachment, please use the appropriate screw eyelets for your ceiling. Knot one end of the rope to the screw eyelet and knot the other end to the clip that is attached to the roof of the tent. You must make sure that the padded floor mat lies completely flat on the floor following assembly on the cover and after tightening the rope suspension! Check the fixing point at regular intervals.

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Type: Pretend Play