Hubelino - Twister Expansion (22 piece)

This 22 piece set contains two big orange "twisters" (funnels) each in a slightly different variation

One has lengthwise pillars, the other cross-ways pillars so you can construct the track any direction you like.

Up to 3 marbles can spin in the twister at once. Marbles spin like planets orbiting the sun, and depending on speed they perform a circular or elliptical motion of varying duration and velocity.

The set allows you to build a small, standalone run, complete with twisters (no other sets required). However, to experience the ultimate in marble-run mayhem, we recommend using the Twister Set as an expansion to one of our larger marble run sets

Marble runs promote spatial intelligence and an understanding of fundamental physical concepts like acceleration and gravity.

These marble runs are designed to stay put, so your kids can focus on the fun. It is the most stable marble run system on the market, the snug fit makes it almost impossible to knock down by accident.

AGE:  4 to 104 years (though actual construction better suited to older children—6+)