MiMicro - Pocket Microcsope - 60x

Small enough to keep with you at all times

You carry of lot of things in your purse and your pocket but how many of them are really useful? Now we give you something to carry around that is extremely functional and useful, the Pocket Microscope. Purchase one of these and always be equipped to take a closer look at things to get a clearer picture.

The Pocket Microscope is tiny and easy to carry around. This cool device comes with 3 light sources (including a UV light) so you never have to struggle in the dark either. Its unique design is such that it packs 60x magnifications into a tool that is only four cm long. If you are having trouble reading what's written behind a cereal carton or the warning on a hazardous product just pull out this cool device. With this device you will always be equipped to get a closer look!

This is a unique gift idea for anyone who is particular about the little details and loves to examine it. The Pocket Microscope is a must-have purchase for all those who need to take a closer look at anything from labels to nature's creations.

WARNING! KEEP BATTERIES OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN-Swallowing may lead to serious injury in as little as 2 hours or death, due to chemical burns and potential perforation of the esophagus. Dispose of used button batteries immediately and safely. Flat batteries can still be dangerous. Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

AGE: 4 and up